July 2019

July was a busy trip because Kairos ministries brought around 15 people from LCBC church in Pennsylvania to work on the mountain.  While they were busy seeing 150-200 patients a day in their mobile clinic, Camotan Clinic received referrals for the sicker patients seen and we saw our own set of patients daily.  Josselyn our nurse is seen below evaluating a patient in the clinic.

Between each visit blogged on here, the clinic does run each day with Josselyn performing basic physicals, follow ups, medication refills and education.  She regularly confers with Dr. Strohecker via text.  There is a community health center that is the mainstay of healthcare in the village of Camotan.  However that clinic is state run and very short on finances.  Camotan Clinic often steps in to help people seen in the community health center when they have a diagnosis but cannot afford their prescriptions.  We have also aided in diagnosing patients and enrolling them in programs that the country of Guatemala or other visiting organizations run.  Collaboration is the name of the game in a place with such poverty and limited resources.


The large group had a great week and saw roughly 700 people between 3 aldeas (mountain villages) during the week.  A doctor and a PA on the mountain were reinforced by a strong crew of nurses and assistants in this endeavor.

Below is one of our insulin requiring diabetics.  Josselyn is teaching him for the first time how to inject Lantus: a long acting form of insulin.  For patients in Guatemala, diabetes is a difficult disease.  The population has a fairly high frequency of this illness but options for medications are limited.  In Camotan Clinic, we have several patients who need insulin; a costly medication here and something they could never afford without our help.



And of course it always helps to have lots of extra hands!  Shown below is Brent one of the volunteers who came with LCBC helping Jovita our dentist with a patient.



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