Who We Serve

Meet our patients and some of their needs


Maria came to us almost 2 years ago now. She was one of our first patients and is a diabetic. However in Guatemala, the poverty is so great that people with diabetes usually cannot afford their medications.  

If it is pills they need, there is some government support and they can sometimes get these pills.  But for patients like Maria who need insulin because pills no longer work, diabetes is a death sentence.  Pills no longer worked for her and her blood sugars were consistently over 600 (not good; normal is 70-180).  Without treatment she would live a couple years at best.  

We started Maria on insulin and 2 years later her blood sugars are running 150-250; not perfect but many years have been added to her life and she is healthy and happy.  Her insulin costs ~30$ per month.

We now have 6 diabetics needing insulin monthly. Most need about ~30$ to pay for the insulin. To help any of them or Maria, visit our PayPal button on our front webpage and just specify that in your donation. Thank you!

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