Who We Are

Nestled in a valley near the Honduras border, with gorgeous peaks that rise 3,000 feet above it is the small village of Camotan, Guatemala.  It is the base for our operations.  We give medical care to those living in the village.  Our primary focus however is the thousands of native peoples up in the mountains above that inhabit the land and for the most part, practice subsistence farming.


The Guatemalan government does provide a few series of vaccinations to the children but there is otherwise no organized medical care for these people. Because of the remote location and long distance from any international airport, this region is one of the least visited in Central America. Where the life expectancy in Guatemala City is now in the early 70’s, here in the mountains amongst this population, early 50’s is the norm*.

Camotán Clinic was started in 2016 as a non profit 501c3 organization with the goal of providing health care to an unrecognized community of people in remote southwest Guatemala.

After several months of construction, Camotán Clinic with the help of Kairos Ministries opened in late 2017. We currently are a primary care clinic offering everything from obstetrics and pediatrics to dental care and geriatrics. We hire Guatemalan physicians and dentists with the support of numerous medical mission trips throughout the year.

Google mapshttps://goo.gl/maps/QfeX1NS7XEQ2

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