A Partnership Begins

In September Dr. Toledo was approached by one of largest charity foundations in Guatemala: Fundacion Castillo Cordova. Fundacion Castillo Cordova runs several charity organizations throughout the country. It is a pre-eminent organization in the country for providing nutrition to needy communities and it also has a disaster relief program, a college of the sciences and other programs.

In September, a team from Castillo Cordova came and worked in the clinic for a week. We were able to bring some of the most malnourished children we care for to be evaluated. The children were examined and placed in a program for nutritional supplementation and they will be followed and supported by their program for the next couple of years.

A child is evaluated by the Castillo Cordova team

We are excited about this opportunity. This type of collaboration is exactly what we have been experiencing more and more: once Guatemalan organizations realize we are consistent and committed to the people in and around Camotan, they want to join with us. Earning trust of organizations in Guatemala is crucial to the success of our causes and theirs. Our goal is to help as many people in need as possible and no one organization can do that in and around Camotan. The need is just so great.

As our partnerships grow, we continue to be grateful to all of you who have stood with us and supported us over the past 4 years as we have gone from a tiny clinic with a few patients to an organization that is growing. Our scope continues to expand as we leverage connections with other like minded organizations to reach more and more people. We could not do this without you so thank you again to all of those who support us in your thoughts, in your prayers and in donations.

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