Milton’s Story

One of the challenges of growth is using time and resources effectively. In June, Dr. Stahl and a team including Jessica Meyers, PA came to work in the clinic for a week (Jessica’s blog will be a future post in the next few weeks). Dr. Stahl met a 9 year old boy who had suffered eye trauma a year ago. Milton was his name. He had no vision in his right eye. And in Guatemala there are only a handful of Opthamologists who can operate on patients like Milton.

Milton between his mom and dad at their home

There are charity medical groups and churches in Guatemala who are willing to help. Within a day Dr. Toledo had called around the country and asked who might be able to operate on Milton; there seemed to be a chance to save his vision. We soon had a surgeon who would operate on Milton. The Clinic board was left with $1300 to pay for all 3 surgeries Milton needed. With our growing responsibilities we had to make a decision if this was worth spending money on. And we immediately voted yes. Others in Guatemala were willing to help: the surgeon offered his services for a minimal fee, families donated food and transportation. Camotan Clinic needed to step in and cover surgical and other expenses.

Milton’s damaged right cornea

And so, Milton is going to get at least some of his vision back. He has already had 1 surgery and his eye is no longer white like above. He can now see but it is blurry. With 2 more surgeries he should have good vision for the rest of his life. He will get a new lens on his last surgery. He is very happy!

Milton during his first trip for his first surgery in Guatemala City

During our August trip we got to see Milton after his first surgery to see how he is doing. Dr. Robert Strohecker, an optometrist, was able to examine him and check his eye pressures. Special eye drops that Milton needed were obtained from a Guatemalan donor. It was great to see his progress.

Dr. Robert Strohecker checks Milton’s eye after his first surgery

So thank you for reading. And thank you all for your donations, prayers and support. As we grow, we want to use what has been donated wisely. We felt Milton was a good cause. We hope you agree with us. We will update you later this year as he completes his final surgery.

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