Although we have just gotten back into the flow of regular trips from the US to Camotan, we have been building ties to other non profits in Guatemala for the past 2 years during Covid. Dr. Toledo continued to travel to the clinic when able during the worst of Covid and she continued to get the word out, mostly on Facebook to Guatemalans. What has followed has been an outpouring of generosity. In 2020 we received many donations from Guatemalans who want to help in and around Camotan.

Typical food donation

While most Guatemalans cannot give much money, many have given us small amounts. They have also given food- something people around Camotan need. Families near Camotan have lost so much in the past year from hurricanes, floods and Covid. Above is one donation we received from another non profit in Guatemala for the people around Camotan.

Just as in the US, many Guatemalans want to help. Below is Dr. Toledo with an owner of a bakery in Guatemala City who wanted to give us some food for his poor fellow Guatemalans near Camotan. Notice the fully loaded truck in the background with food.

We feel so honored to be building these relationships with fellow Guatemalans. This is the beginning of many more joint ventures. The challenges we face are large: poverty, malnutrition, untreated medical conditions and more. It will require us in the US and those in Guatemala working together to make a real difference in the years to come.

For now, we are receiving so many donations of food that we do not have enough room to store it! A great problem to have. For those of you who continue to give and pray for the clinic, thank you. Know that your money and your prayers are producing results. Those in Guatemala who have donated see what you are doing and want to join the cause. You are creating a wonderful collaboration. Our June team was able to distribute some of the food donations to the villages as you can see below.

Jack, one of our June volunteers from the US helping hand out food donations.
Donations making their way into the remote mountains above Camotan

Food is only a small part of the solution of course. Real, sustained improvement will require long term solutions to food shortage and malnutrition. We are working on this. We have farming and chicken projects in the works for the residents of the mountains. But for now, following a very hard year where people lost the small daily income/food they had -due to either hurricanes and floods or due to Covid’s effect on the Guatemalan economy- we will continue to give out food.

Thank you for reading! We just wanted to let you know that we are growing, we are partnering with Guatemalans and we are making a difference; thanks to you.

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