August 2019

August saw a week with Dr. Strohecker and Dr. Toledo the dentist working in the clinic.  As we have mentioned before, the clinic does run M-F but right now we just have Josselyn our nurse and our office manager there when we are not there.  Melina Morales is also there 2 weeks of the month doing work on the mountains with prenatal care.  Josselyn is very skilled and can do quite a bit of primary care–health check ups, blood sugar checks, blood pressure checks, stitches, etc.  Until we have a full time doctor, she has filled in and been an excellent care provider.  She consults with Dr. Strohecker via text regularly on these patients and Anna our office manager keeps things coordinated and running smoothly.


Dr. Strohecker and Josselyn confer on a patient.


Dr. Toledo continued her outreach to the aldeas and continued educating the teachers there as they are being used to teach each children oral care.  Dr. Toledo of course saw her usual long list of patients during the week (shown below)


Many of our patients line up for hours before the clinic opens.  They then often wait hours and this is in addition to their travel to get to the clinic.  Some walk miles, others take a bus or get a ride in the back of a pickup (if they can afford it) from far away.  Here is our early morning line just forming well before opening.


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