2022 Christmas Trip

We always have a trip over Christmas time. The trip is a medical one of course; we have full time doctors and dentists who work in the clinic. But it is also an opportunity for volunteers and non medical people to come and give to those in need. We typically give food for the neediest families and a small Christmas gift.

Dr. Robert Strohecker unloading food donations in one of the remote mountain villages

This year’s trip included Dr. Robert Strohecker optometrist who did several days’ worth of eye exams at the clinic. He also attended food donations on one of the mountain trip days (see above).

Ana-Sophia Bonnell (front left) and Ella Strohecker (rear left) paint fingernails with some villagers

We visited several villages with food donations made possible because of generous people like you. Thank you!! Of course it is always fun to just be present with the wonderful people in the villages. The children love getting their fingernails painted–something very novel to them. It is a great time to come together and laugh and have some fun while celebrating Christmas together.

Ana-Sophia Bonnell with a village resident and her food donation

Much growth continues in the clinic. See our new Instagram site here to follow our frequent updates: https://www.instagram.com/thecamotanclinic/

A huge thank you to all that support us, pray for us and have the wonderful people of rural Guatemala on your mind. We could not do any of this work without you.

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