March 2019

March featured a busy week with Dr. Jon Eichhorn and Dr. Strohecker working in the clinic.  It was a week with roughly 100 patients (many regulars and many new ones) that were seen.



We were especially fortunate to have Dr. Erica McElroy of Danville, Pennsylvania join us.   She continued the implementation of Saving Mothers into our daily clinic practice.  And she jumped in for some patient care and a minor surgery…




We continue to grow and see more and more patients each time we come down.  In the interim, our nurse Jocelyn and office manager Ana will start seeing pregnant mothers on a daily basis.  It is the beginning of us offering obstetrical care.  For now, we will be doing prenatal visits and Jocelyn will learn doppler, basic ultrasound to help distinguish any mothers who are high risk.  We are growing!


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Kennet Silva–a regular worker at Camotan Clinic (who helps translating, driving groups, construction, and many other things!) on the right with one of our regular patients on the left.

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