November 2018

On our November trip, we collaborated again with Karios ministries who brought Faith Community Fellowship, a church from Ellsworth, Maine.  The church brought a medical group that worked in mobile clinic setting all week up on the mountain.  Hundreds of patients were seen during the week up on the mountain.img_8816

Down in the town, we continued seeing 30-40 patients a day in the clinic.  We had many return patients and we were able to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  As we have grown over the year, our responsibilities continue to increase.  This is something we want but as our duties increase, so do our need for supplies, medications, lab equipment and transportation.  Below was our most recent purchase: our pickup!  We bought this to help with our frequent trips to Camotan and we needed a 4×4 to get up on the mountain as well.  Here is a picture with Paco Valdez and Dr. Strohecker.img_2540


We had some return volunteers come back for the week as well.  Here is Suzann Shubert, RN working with a patient.  Suzann is one of our favorite volunteers and has been a part of Camotan Clinic and Kairos ministries missions for many years.



We finished the week with a little cake celebrating our 1yr anniversary…



Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for our January 2019 trip when we will be traveling with Saving Mothers, an obstetrics program we are partnering with.  And if you are interested in the work Kairos ministries is also doing in Guatemala, check out their website:  They house and feed families every day who have no place to stay and no food to eat in Guatemala City when their children are ill and in the hospital.

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