March Trip 2018

Our clinic is open full time now.  We are staffed daily with a nurse and office manager.  Our new nurse Josselyne has great skills and she is an amazing addition to Ana who keeps the office running. Josselyne is capable of treating cuts, some minor illnesses, doing procedures (removing ingrown toenails for an example!) and diagnosing common conditions.  Although we do not have a full time Guatemalan physician yet, she serves as an excellent provider for now as we get the clinic up and running.  Jovita our dentist, comes down for a week every month.  In March, Joel and Gustavo also came down and joined Jovita for a week of clinical work.  Here are a few pics and a video of the clinic in action.  Enjoy!!!



Gustavo and one of our patients from the mountain



Joselyn and one of our young, adorable patients



Joel treating plantar warts



Although we get a lot of patients from the village, more and more families are trekking down to the clinic from the mountain.  We are delighted about this.


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