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November 2019

We have had a good month at Camotan Clinic.  We have been busy seeing patients and continue to grow our influence.  Here Melina Morales (R) our midwife (called a comedrona in Guatemala) has just finished doing an ultrasound on a patient as nurse and interpreter help out.6Zco7HKgSvKThFja5DG4FQ

Dr. Strohecker also spent a week working in the clinic as did Dr. Toledo our dentist.  Melina continues to see patients on a regular basis and works independently both in the clinic and on the mountain.

What you see below is the empty space that will become our water filtration system.

This area in the back of the clinic is about to be transformed into a water filtration system for the clinic and the village.  Stay tuned, much more on this in the future.  Tentatively early Spring we should have a team install it from another organization: Living Waters of the World.   We, of course, will not remove the avocado tree to the right!!  It is a really neat addition to the clinic grounds and when in season, produces wonderful avocados.

Thanks so much again for reading.  Stay tuned for more!  Happy Thanksgiving.

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